Barrel Aged Bieren

Barrel Aged Bieren

Beer in barrels is nothing new. In the past, every beer was transported and stored in wooden barrels. As early as the 17th century, there was talk of the positive effect that maturing in barrels had on the taste of beer.

What exactly is a Barrel Aged beer?

The beer ferments further and therefore has less sweetness and more alcohol. Peter Kolber said about beer and wine transported to the East Indies:

‘…zoo als hier in Europa door het vervoeren van diergelyke waren ge∫chied, veel beter, als zy voorheen geweeƒt zyn; gelyk dan bier en wyn, welke men naar Ooƒt-Indie voert, klaarder en veel ƒchoonder en helderder van verƒ zyn, als ze hier ooyt zouden zyn.’

Kegs were taken in large quantities to provide the crew with beer on long sea voyages, and there were often around 300 crew members on a ship in those days. Each crew member carried a cask of beer with a volume of approximately 150 litres. In the more recent history of craft beer, breweries also use barrels to give extra flavour and complexity to beer. Flavours of oak, for example, give hints of vanilla to the beer. But also the liquor that sat in the barrel before the beer, such as cognac, bourbon, rum or whisky, contribute to the flavour, aroma and character of barrel-aged beers.

Carrying on the tradition

On the former Marineterrein (navy shipyard), where barrels of beer used to roll over the quays before the departure of long sea voyages, Homeland Brewery continues the barrel-aging tradition. Since a year we have a series of barrel-aged beers under the name KIapgijp. Number 1 and 2 are a stout and a double bock aged in Bourbon barrels from distilleries Jack Daniels and Jim Bean. The latest in the series,Klapgijp #3, is a heavy Russian Imperial Stout that has been matured in old Laphroaig casks. This Islay single malt whisky has a distinctive peaty/smoky flavour, which combines beautifully with the full flavour of the beer’s roasted malts.

  • Klapgijp #8

    Bourbon Barrel Aged Quadrupel Bock
    alc.: 12%, ibu: 60, ebc: 25

    Heavy Barrel Aged Bock.
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    Klapgijp #8
  • IJsbreker

    IJs Stout
    alc.: 25%, ibu: 44, ebc: 100

    A full black beer with roasty flavors of coffee, chocolate and licorice.
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  • Klapgijp #7

    Barrel Aged Porter
    alc.: 13%, ibu: 38, ebc: 98

    Armagnac- and Cognac-Barrel Aged Porter.
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    Klapgijp #7
  • Klapgijp #4

    alc.: 10,3%, ibu: 31, ebc: 76

    Laphroaig Barrel Aged Imperial Smoked Buckwheat Porter.
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    Klapgijp #4
  • Klapgijp #6

    Calvados Barrel Aged IJsbock
    alc.: 13%, ibu: 30, ebc: 60

    The IJsbock version of the best bock beer in the Netherlands.
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    Klapgijp #6
  • Klapgijp #5

    alc.: 11%, ibu: 55, ebc: 98

    Pastry Stout rested for a year in Plantation Rum barrels
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    Klapgijp #5
  • Klapgijp #3

    Russian Imperial Stout
    alc.: 10,5%, ibu: 51, ebc: 99

    RIS matured in old Laphroaig whisky barrels.
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    Klapgijp #3
  • Klapgijp #2


    more info
    Klapgijp #2
  • Klapgijp #1


    more info
    Klapgijp #1
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