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Our brewers like to push the boundaries when it comes to the ingredients of our beer. Sometimes we cross those boundaries and get what tastes good from other parts of the world. Sometimes we stay closer to home and visit our local suppliers more often. This way, we ensure the optimal composition of every beer we brew.

Consciously chosen ingredients and partners

Our beer begins, of course, with the selection of the best ingredients, with not only the best for the beer in mind but also for the environment. Locality plays an important role for our brewery.

Our hops, for example: some hops have a unique flavour and therefore come from further afield. However, our brewers always look for local alternatives with similar properties. If possible, they always go for the local option. We work a lot with regular local partners and undertake various local projects.

Vloermouterij Masterveld

Vloermouterij Masterveld in Winterswijk supplies part of our malts. It is a traditional malt house, which was established to (re)connect the farmer directly to the brewer. The farmers are stimulated as much as possible to grow barley instead of maize. Maize is being grown too much in the Netherlands, which has a negative impact on quality of soil and biodiversity. And that is something we do not want.

Windmill “de Zandhaas”

Brewery Homeland tries to support local crafts as much as possible. That is why our oats are sustainably ground by Molen de Zandhaas. A traditional Dutch windmill in Santpoort-Noord, just outside Amsterdam.

Korenmolen De Zandhaas

Local collaborations

We also look for collaborations with inspiring partners. Together with restaurant Vuurtoreneiland, we developed the ‘Y-tower sour’, a beer made of blackberries from the island, using the residual flow of a blackberry farmer from Drenthe. During the covid lockdown we launched our BorrelBox with products from Amsterdam entrepreneurs. Cheeses from Kef, sausages from Brandt and Levie, kombucha from Butcha, roasted nuts from Pension Homeland and of course a selection of our craft beers.

De bieren van Brouwerij Homeland

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