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We prefer to put our special beers in a stainless steel keg or can. For optimum freshness and by far the most environmentally friendly choice, but also for maximum recyclability and efficient transport. Transport that we have also set up to be 100% electric.

No air, no light

We package our craft beers in a way that is best for the beer and the environment. It is precisely for these reasons that all our beer is bottled in cans or stainless steel kegs. This ensures optimal freshness of our beer. Because cans or stainless steel are the only packaging that does not let through light and air, the greatest threats to beer.

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In terms of sustainability, cans are also a better option than bottles. Cans are easier to transport. Because it is more space-efficient: two cans take up the space of one bottle. You do the math…The weight of a can is also many times less than that of a bottle. And the two together also mean fewer emissions during transport.


In addition, more tin is recycled in the Netherlands. No less than 95% of cans are returned for recycling, whereas the figure for bottles is 73%. Not bad either, but tin rules! The recycling of cans also saves more energy than the recycling of glass. Brouwerij Homeland has therefore been a frontrunner for years when it comes to the right packaging for both beer and the environment. Cans, that is!

De bieren van Brouwerij Homeland

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